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The 2018 Honda Clarity: Driving “Green” Has Never Been More Appealing


Many people refrain to make the jump towards “green” (hybrid and electric) vehicles because of irrational fears or because they never saw or heard about a model that appeals to them. If you’re in this position, take a second look: the 2018 Honda Clarity has arrived in Canada and after reading what follows, you’ll want to go to Longueuil Honda, your Honda car dealer on the South Shore.


A Soft Transition to an Ecological Vehicle

A change as radical as the shift from fuel-powered vehicles to hybrid/electric ones can’t be made overnight without driving a “transition’’ car for at least a short period of time. The 2018 Honda Clarity is an excellent way to not sacrifice anything you like in regular / current sedans while reducing your footprint on the environment thanks to its futuristic powertrain. This hybrid vehicle’s battery has an autonomy of 70 kilometers, which is a lot more than most drivers need in a regular day (about 50 kilometers, in general), and can be charged in about 2 and a half hours. This vehicles provides 5 generous seats, unlike some models with less room offered by the competition, and the fact that the gas tank is ready to kick in as soon as the battery is drained will give you an unparalleled peace of mind, on top of serious savings at the gas station.


A Performance That Will Not Disappoint You

The (negative) argument that pops up the most against hybrid and electric vehicles is their supposedly inferior performance. The powertrain of the 2018 Honda Clarity is made of a 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine that is paired to a 17 kWh electric battery. Beyond the numbers, the 2018 Clarity distinguishes itself by its pleasant road handling and by its impressive acceleration for a vehicle of this category (thanks to the efficient transition between the battery and the gas engine).

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Whether you want it or not, hybrid and electric vehicles represent the future of the car industry. Since you’re going to have to get one at some point in your life, why not start with a transition vehicle built by a manufacturer you know you can trust? From this viewpoint, the 2018 Honda Clarity is your best alternative right now, and you can find it at Longueuil Honda, your Honda car dealer on the South Shore.

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