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You know it all too well, the automobile dealerships offer us quite the range of car financing. However, rare are those that inform us, such as the Honda dealership in Longueuil, about the numerous advantages associated with the financing of your vehicle. 


Longueuil Honda, your dealership by excellence on the South Shore a few minutes away from Montreal, wishes to make you discover the numerous advantages of the Honda Financial Services.


The Financing Options


For decades now, the Honda Financing Services excel in the different financing options in terms of automobile vehicles. Speaking of which, if you decide to choose the renting-purchase option, your payments will be lower, regardless if they are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, since you only finance the portion of your lease, which is the usage of your vehicle. For example, if you opt for this formula for 48 months, you pay the financing uniquely for this period. At the end of your lease, generally two options become available for you: either you buy your vehicle at the residual amount as shown on your contract, or you hand your vehicle back to the dealership.


The payments are the main advantage for this option, which are less expensive than when you purchase the vehicle. Moreover, since the vehicle does not belong to you during the period of the lease, it is not necessary to contract additional insurance, other than the one who covers you in case of breakage or accidents. Finally, a consumer who opts for the lease shouldn’t have to provide a down payment on the rented vehicle. The pursued objective with this option is to reduce your payments and make your life easier in the end.


The second option offered by the Honda Financial Services is the purchase of your vehicle with the Honda financing. If the idea of being the owner of your vehicle pleases you, know that each payment done will increase the net value constituted on your vehicle. Better yet, at Honda Financing Services, all loans are open and you can reimburse your financing at all times without penalties. Since the interest calculation method is very simple along with flexible terms, at the end of your financing contract you become the owner of your vehicle.


This financing option is not subject to mileage fees nor the wear and tear of your vehicle. At the very end, you can consider negotiating your next vehicle by using the value of your current vehicle. This way of proceeding can become an interesting way to give a deposit on your new vehicle. You can also decide to keep your old vehicle and sell it yourself or drive it for a few more years. The final decision belongs to you.


In short, the Honda Financial Services offer flexibility when the time comes to discuss the different financing options. Moreover, whether you’re purchasing or renting, you will benefit from the best rates in place. Finally, it is often easier to deal directly with the dealership to settle your auto financing. You are acquiring a new vehicle and your dealership accompanies you in all of your processes until the very end. Since you’re already there, it becomes even easier to settle all the administrative and financial paperwork at the same time.


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For decades now, Longueuil Honda has not only been an automobile dealership with a vast inventory of Honda vehicles, it’s also a financing center dedicated to its customers. With its vast experience in the field, you will be between good hands. Come visit us today!

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