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Our detailing department offers high quality services to preserve the original condition of a vehicle for many years. Since these services are all offered at our dealership, it is simple to combine an appointment for an oil change with an appointment in our detailing department.

Our qualified Honda detailing technicians treat each vehicle individually and according to the needs and desires of its owner.

In addition to restoring your vehicle's clean appearance by performing these services regularly, you will preserve its resale value.

Of course, all sanitary measures are in place for your safety!


Here are some of the services offered in the detailing department. Please note that these services can be offered individually or combined as needed.

  • Interior & exterior washing
  • Aquapel
  • Paint decontamination 
  • Paint waxing & polishing
  • Headlights polishing
  • Rust proofing
  • Carpet shampoo / complete shampoo
  • Compound
  • Complete reconditioning
  • Motor shampoo

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Interior & exterior washing

Our qualified Honda detailing technicians follow a step-by-step procedure to ensure a complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This procedure lasts approximately 1 hour.


The Aquapel treatment is a unique process applied to the windshield of the vehicle that allows water to slide through to improve visibility. The product facilitates the removal of ice and snow in addition to reducing glare. 

Paint decontamination

Many contaminants present on the road become encrusted in your paint and are not dislodged by simple washings. If no decontamination is undertaken, the contaminants slowly penetrate the protective layers and can progressively damage the shine and color of your car. An annual decontamination can be an excellent way to prevent premature aging of your paint.

Paint waxing & polishing

In order to provide extra shine and protection to your vehicle, a complete waxing and polishing can be done. We recommend that this maintenance be done annually to maintain the shine and brilliance of your vehicle.

Headlights polishing

Sunlight, road debris and ice are all elements that deteriorate the transparency of your headlights. In order to maintain optimal vision day and night, headlights polishing is essential to restore their original luster and brightness. Our process removes yellowing, dulling and scratches from your headlamp lenses.

Rust proofing

To ensure optimal protection, an annual application of rust proofing is recommended. The rust proofing treatment creates a barrier against the humidity that causes rust to develop. It is wise to proceed with this preventive maintenance, which is much less expensive than repairing corrosion. Prevention is better than cure! We also offer long term rust proofing treatments with a warranty. We invite you to make an appointment with a sales manager for more information. 

Interior shampoo

Deposits of dust, tobacco smell, mites, animal hair, calcium, mud, food... The list of dirt that gets stuck in our vehicles is long. A professional interior shampoo will help preserve the value of your vehicle's interior while giving you the comfort of a new car!

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