Our service technicians are experts in the field, at Longueuil Honda, visited us in Longueuil near Brossard and Montreal

Longueuil Honda: Experts at your Service!

Do you know what often distinguishes a good car dealer from another one that is not so good? More often than not, it’s the team of technicians, those who provide the service on a daily basis and who solve your problems.
The Japanese manufacturer Honda quickly realized that its technicians should receive not only an initial training, but also a continuous one to be able to meet the needs of its customers. As technology is evolving at a high speed and new models are appearing on the market at an increasing pace, technical service experts need to know everything about the trends on their industry.
Longueuil Honda is not only a dealer of new and used vehicles, it is also your Honda on the South Shore par excellence in terms of technical service with highly experienced experts.

Experts Trained the Nippon way

It is not enough to take a course in automotive mechanics to be an expert in this field. Continuous training and dynamic learning are two important elements for the Honda expert.
Today, the Honda vehicle technician benefits from continuous training given via e-learning, which allows him to refresh his techniques, get updated on relevant news, and find answers to the problems encountered every day.
Moreover, Honda innovates by creating practical immersion classes composed of 6 to 8 technicians. The trainer reviews the initial components of the vehicles, questions the technicians, presents the new elements and invites the experts to take part in practical workshops in order to perfect their knowledge. This dynamic learning is the second step needed to become a Honda certified technician.
The Japanese manufacturer goes further and innovates with technological tools. Indeed, thanks to ETECH, the technician who is at his workplace can connect with his tablet and get in touch with other technician to which he can submit his problem. The sharing of expertise reinforces the quality of the work. In addition, thanks to ETECH, the technician can access the server-based system to obtain updates on your vehicle and ensure that proper maintenance procedures are in place to quickly resolve any issues.
The ETECH system also provides instant access to all vehicle publications, the latest updates, while allowing the technician to thoroughly inspect the more complex systems on your vehicle.
Thus, Honda wants to make sure that the technician will have the needed support in real time and will be able to satisfy the customer. This virtual platform is another part of the chain of excellence that Honda is proud to provide its best experts with for after-sales service.
To find out more about our service offerings, call us at Longueuil Honda Honda Dealers near Montreal and Brossard

Longueuil Honda: Experts for you!

At Longueuil Honda, we have the best technicians on the market. They all have followed additional training and remain on the lookout for any new trend or item. They have participated in small group immersion classes and know how to interact with intelligent systems in order to solve problems that occur on a daily basis.
With Longueuil Honda, you are sure to receive the necessary attention when you’ll bring your vehicle to our technical service experts. They are highly competent people who care about detail and accuracy. They are on the cutting edge of technology and know how to solve problems quickly.
Thanks to their know-how, the whole company benefits. To witness this fine expertise, come today to visit Longueuil Honda, your dealership par excellence on Chemin Chambly in Longueuil, on the South Shore, just minutes from Montreal. You will be surprised to find out the quality of Honda service at your dealership on the South Shore.
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