New Honda Accord hybrid in a green park, near from Longueuil Honda dealership in Longueuil


Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, especially rechargeable hybrid models. Honda’s hybrid car on the south shore of Montreal is by far a sure value. Your Longueuil Honda dealership near Montreal gives you information about hybrid vehicles on the market.  


Why a Hybrid Vehicle in 2020?


First of all, we must underline that hybrid vehicles (rechargeable or not) marry the current tendencies in terms of environment and diminution of greenhouse gases. They are designed with both gas and electric engines. They are more and more performant and allow you substantial savings on gas consumption. 


The Honda options are more refined than many other automobile designers and also more varied. The hybrid cars are becoming more and more performant and ensure you peace of mind with the electric/gas engine combination. Rechargeable hybrids work for you when you drive your vehicle. The electric engine recharges itself as you’re driving. You can thus cover longer distances.


Furthermore, non-rechargeable hybrids have been precursors in terms of hybridization. It is necessary to stop at a terminal to recharge the electric engine. However, car designers wanted to go further and sought to better identify the needs of the consumer. They decided to present rechargeable vehicle models.


In short, hybrids constitute a good choice and offer you peace of mind behind the wheel. They are cars that consume little, contribute to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases. They are useful for long distances as well as in the city. Finally, hybrid cars are more and more sought after. Their increased longevity allows an excellent quality/price ratio.


Among the Honda hybrid models, we have the hybrid Honda Accord, the Insight as well as the rechargeable hybrid Clarity.


Honda was among the first designers in the world to notice that the hybridization of a propulsion unit could not only improve the efficiency, but also the power and performance of a vehicle. Ever since its release date 15 years ago, the hybrid Honda Accord remains a highly performant vehicle on the roads. You will be thrilled to drive this big and spacious sedan, which is also delightfully comfortable and luxurious.


The hybrid Honda Insight, with more sober lines than the Civic, also offers a winning reliability on the whole line. She offers luxurious elements, a spacious cabin, and has many strings to her bow. If we wanted to compare, we would say that this hybrid vehicle lies somewhere between the Accord and the Clarity. 


This last is by far the most popular at Honda. The rechargeable hybrid Clarity is the more evolved Touring model. With both versions, the cabin is spacious and the soundproofing constitutes a clear advantage as opposed to its rivals. We can say just as much about its ultra-comfortable and ergonomic seats as well as the richness of its equipment and technological characteristics. If you’re looking for an ultra-quiet hybrid vehicle, the 2020 Clarity will fill you with happiness.


All in all, Honda has taken a green turn and innovates even more. By the way, more models are about to see the day on Quebec’s roads.

We’re talking about the EV Honda Fit, the EV Honda Urban as well as hybrid versions that are in gestation. 


A Honda Accord Hybrid plugged in its Honda plug-in terminal, Visit Longueuil Honda dealership for your new hybrid


Longueuil Honda: Experience at Your Door!


The complete line of new and used vehicles is at Longueuil Honda, your dealership by excellence on the south shore, only a few minutes away from Montreal. With an exceptional service and judicious advices, you will find the green vehicle you deserve.


Green vehicles at Longueuil Honda are currently showcased. Come discover the vast inventory of 2019-2020 vehicles and reserve a road test today. Hybrid Honda vehicles are durable, made with superior quality, and promise you some great adventures on the roads of Quebec, Canada and the United States.

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